Increase Your Chances of a Girl or Boy with Exercise

More than 50 years of scientific research in the field of determining a baby’s gender has revealed that exercise intensity and frequency impact your ovulation and influence whether you end up conceiving a girl or boy. When and how you exercise affects testosterone levels in your body, which determines your baby’s gender. Basically, any type of activity that builds muscle mass increases the odds of having a boy, and any activity that reduces muscle mass will increase the chances of having a girl. If you’re unsure of how to exercise, Nili’s 12-month fertility program can help you optimize your body and increase your success in having a boy or girl. If you dream of having a baby girl or boy, get started with our program today.

If you increase your muscle mass and gain weight, then your body will naturally produce more testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone are linked to conceiving girls. If your muscle mass is decreasing and you eat less protein and calories, your testosterone level drops. Lower testosterone is associated with conceiving a boy.