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Dreaming of a baby boy or girl?

Welcome to Nili – an easy, natural, and safe way to conceive the baby gender that you desire.

Determining the sex of your baby is possible, and now, with the Nili program and new App, it is more accessible than ever! Nili is a method that personalizes your program based on your physical parameters and lifestyle. Nilly will provide you with daily instructions on how to conceive your wished baby boy or baby girl. We are confident in our method!

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  • 100% natural
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  • Money-back guarantee

We Understand You

Family planning is one of the most significant decisions in life. Nili is here to assist you on this journey by supporting you in the choice of the natural way.

Tailored to You

Nili methodology is not generic. We measure your subjective parameters and provide you with a personalized program suitable only for you.

The Best Approach

All the information in the field of determining baby gender is now at the reach of your palm, simple and trusted.

Proven Experience

Join couples around the world who have used gender influencing methods to get the baby of their dreams. Follow Nili program for up to a 90% chance of having the gender baby that you desire.


Surprise! The natural way to go is an affordable way. Just one-time payment of $199, with a money-back guarantee.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Make your dream come true with 3-steps:


Join the program

Join thousands of couples who have already chosen the natural way.


Take a short questionnaire

Help us to know you better and identify your parameters


Get your personalized program

and follow the plan! You can choose from our easy to follow Mobile or web app.

Why are So Many Women Like You Using Nili?

"Can a couple influence their baby’s gender by having intercourse at different times? Does it really matter if they make love closer to ovulation days or in the middle of the period? Yes, it definitely does”.

Dr. Landrum B. Shettles, the "Father" of gender selection.

What Do We Mean By Personalized?

Not all of our bodies are the same. We know that every person is unique. Each of us has different ages, weight, nutrition, or sports habits. Nili method takes into consideration all your variables and singularities and includes:

* 12 months calendar with cycle and ovulation predictions
* Directions on how and when to have intercourse, including positions and frequency.
* Daily recommendations with nutrition, exercises, lifestyle routine
* Full integration with Gmail and Outlook calendars
* Alerts according to the individual program
* Guidelines to help balance the body’s PH level
* A recommended supplements
* Weekly tips and much more....

We have gathered the concepts of significant world practices, data, and parameters to adjust the right program for you. The result of such an approach is evident: every person that applies for participation gets a tailor-made tutorial, based on her parameters. The method works very simply: you fill-up the form, press the “submit” button – we process your parameters and send you the file within 48 hours. Step by step Nili leads you to your sweet dream – a baby of the wanted gender!

A full 12-months calendar

Full schedule that includes the timing and alerts of your cycle, ovulation, diet, intercourse, exercise, daily routine.

Timing Your Intercourse

Your chances of conceiving a boy or girl depend on having intercourse on specific days of your cycle, whether you have regular or irregular periods. Nili makes it easy to keep track of these days by sending you alerts.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise significantly impact your ovulation and the gender of the baby you conceive. By following our daily tips on what to eat and being active with our suggested list of exercises, you can sway the results in favor of your chosen sex.

“There are quite a lot of gender selection methods being offered on the internet, but Nili is the only one that has a 90% chance of succeeding.”

Dr. David Gordon, Director of Gynecology Department

Cycle Tracker

Get up to a 90% chance of success in having the baby of your dreams by following our “do’s and don’ts” throughout your cycle, whether you have regular or irregular periods. We help you understand the days you should be exercising, resting, abstaining from sex, or having intercourse.

Daily Guidance

Get a daily plan for the next 365 days that shows you the foods that you should incorporate into your meals, the exercise routines you should follow each day, and the sexual positions you should use in order to conceive the gender that you desire.


It’s no secret that diet has a significant impact on your ovulation and the gender of your baby. Now you can get your own personalized, easy-to-follow diet program to sway the results in favor of your chosen sex.

Nili - Family Planner

Choosing the sex of your baby is possible and now, at the palm of your hand. Download Nilli app and get a 5-days trial and 100% money-back guarantee!

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